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Specialized Lending Solutions to the Media and Entertainment Industry

Media Capital Group provides specialized lending solutions and advisory services to the media and entertainment industries. Our prime focus is on providing tailored interim production financing to borrowers in the film and television production sector. We also provide advisory services to banks, private equity groups, family offices, investment managers as well as media companies looking to enhance their businesses in this sector. As an independently run firm, we can offer our clients true, unbiased and trusted advice, as well as the latest in cross industry loan structuring trends, risk mitigation strategies and appropriate finance programs for their film and television productions.

Our clients include a wide variety of independent film and television producers to whom we provide interim production financing. We work closely with domestic and foreign sales agents, distribution companies, studios and broadcasters as partners in arranging our financing programs. With our global financing partnerships, the ability to provide interim production loans secured against Canadian and US tax credits, distribution and broadcast licenses as well as other forms of reliable collateral make us a key partner for film and television productions. Headquartered in Vancouver, the management team have structured financing programs for hundreds of films over the past 20 years. With our broad experience, wide industry network and dependable funding sources, we work closely for our clients to provide them the necessary loans to get their productions on the screen. Our extensive network of relationships and collective knowledge has positioned Media Capital Group as a leader in our sector.


  • Senior Production Loans: Backed by acceptable pre-sales including distribution and broadcast licenses
  • Tax Credit Loans: Collateralized by Canadian Federal, Provincial or US State tax incentives
  • Gap Loans: Funds provided against unsold territorial estimates as provided by acceptable sales agents
  • Bridge Loans: Short term loans for immediate funding needs in advance of closing an interim production loan
  • Other programs including library loans, commercial loans and others on a select basis


Media Capital Group’s management team has many years of experience in structuring, advising and providing production loans across a multitude of film, television and animated productions. Our global experience in providing loans to hundreds of productions, our access to capital and our key relationships throughout the industry provide a valuable service to our clients.

  • Production Lending and Banking Professionals
  • Focus on Single Picture and Series Financing
  • Cross Border Financing Capabilities
  • Reliable and Effective Execution
  • Trusted Advice

Management Experience

The team has gained recognition and developed a broad base of industry relationships within the global filmed entertainment industry. With our wide network of principals, film and television producers, distributors, broadcasters, foreign and domestic sales agents, completion bonders, tax specialists and other professional providers we are able to provide collateralized production lending to finance your production. Headquartered in Vancouver, Media Capital Group services its clients throughout North America. Our financing can be structured without geographical limitation to best suit our clients.

Effective Execution

We work closely with our clients to find the most appropriate loan structure and match the nuances of each project. The extensive sales, marketing and financial skills of Media Capital Group give us the ability to quickly and efficiently evaluate and complete transactions. We have expertise in various Canadian and US tax credit programs and co-production financing structures. This is a key driver in the industry and a very strong advantage that we have over our competitors.

Reliable Funding Sources

We recognize that a strong working relationship with reliable funding sources are a key factor to the success of our clients. Media Capital Group has assembled a group of stable and reliable funding sources which include both institutional as well as private capital. We carefully assess the requirements of each project and offer a suitable solution from the various options we have available. Given today’s highly fickle credit market, we remain committed to providing necessary loans to get your productions completed.

Recent Productions

For more information on productions financed by Media Capital Group, visit us on


Managing Director, Ross Mrazek

Ross is a financing professional with experience in providing growth financing and advisory services to innovative companies in the media and technology sectors. Prior to joining Media Capital Group, Ross was with the Knowledge Based Business Group and later led the Entertainment Industries financing team at CIBC World Markets where he sourced, underwrote and managed a variety of both production loans for film and television as well as commercial and corporate loans for many leading media companies throughout North America. Ross has proven experience in evaluating and providing senior and subordinated debt, corporate finance and advisory services as well as interim production financing for film and television. Prior to this, Ross managed a subordinated debt and venture loan portfolio within the media and technology sectors. With years of experience and profile in this area, Ross has worked with many of the leading companies in the industry. Ross holds an MBA from The Thunderbird School of Global Management and BA from The University of British Columbia.

Managing Director, Ben Rappaport

Ben brings many years of experience in film and television financing. Ben started his career in the entertainment financing industry at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, where he managed and facilitated the financing and administration of over 100 productions for studios and independent producers. He was also part of the team responsible for the introduction and facilitation of the first film tax credits in Canada. Following public practice, Ben joined a major structured finance group specializing in film and television production where, as the Director of Production Financing, he oversaw more than 250 projects totaling in excess of $3 billion with budget sizes ranging up to $130 million. Ben joined Ross Mrazek in 2003 and was jointly responsible for creating a leading entertainment financing practice at CIBC World Markets. Ben holds a BA from the University of Western Ontario and is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), a Chartered Accountant (CA) and Certified Public Accountant (Illinois).

What Our Clients Say

Media Capital Group understands the intricacies and challenges that production companies face when bringing films to life. Not only have they provided us with financing for many of our films, but also advice on how to manage and grow our business over the years. They have been great partners to work with.- Jason Netter, Kickstart Entertainment
MCG is a bespoke service who understand what all parties on a transaction require. They meet the needs of speed, efficiency and cost to get you to a closing and allow you to concentrate on making your production. I use their considerable knowledge base to help shape the direction a particular project needs to go and on top of everything, the ąre just great guys.- Jim Sternberg, Complete Post
Media Capital Group’s expertise and in-depth knowledge of film and television financing is second to none in the industry. Their speed and efficiency ensured that our latest film, THE LAST WORD, started principle photography right on schedule. The ease and straight forward approach in which they consistently work makes them our go-to financing partner. - Kevin Forester, Myriad Pictures

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